dressing baby for the pool

dress baby for the pool with this quick tip!i

If you follow me on facebook then you’ve already seen this photo. But for those of you that aren’t …well you should be! But that’s besides the point let me explain the photo….

If you have a kid in diapers then you may or may not be aware of the trouble with swim diapers. Did you know that they leak pee? And when I say leak I really mean, pour like a waterfall from your babies pantyline. Swim diapers were made to keep the poop in and the pee..well the pee in pool. But besides that gross fun fact, the problem is commuting to the pool. If you dress your baby in a swim diaper when you leave the house you are exposing yourself to a potential pee filled car seat (ask me how I know). But if you wait to dress baby at the pool you are adding 10 minutes to your pool routine, and if you have an older child in tow those extra minutes can be extremely painful! So in order to keep your car dry and your prep time short..  Follow my dressing tips and double your diapers!

Hope this tip helps! xo, Dee

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