don’t mind the mess hand print ART

You know what I love more then my kids hand prints? A cute way to display it!

don't mind the mess handprint art! Perfect for the entryway


To make your own Don’t mind the mess wall art you just need a few minutes and a few materials!

You Need:
  • pretty scrapbook paper to match the room
  • picture frame (I’d recommend a photo mat as well)
  • kid safe paint for the handprints
  • Scrapbook sticker letters

Or if you have a Silhouette Machine you can cut your own with the following materials:

  • Silhouette Machine
  • 2 colors of vinyl (I offset my font to make it pop)
  • Transfer Tape
Here’s what you want to do:
  • Grab your picture frame and photo mat, and size up your scrapbook paper (don’t cut the paper yet.. just in case the kids get messy 😉 )
  • Paint your kids hand and have them place it on the paper
  • Measure the open space around the hand prints and see where you want to put the words from the quote “Don’t mind the MESS the children are making memories”
  • I custom cut my words with my Silhouette Machine so if you have a Silhouette Machine too follow my steps! If not skip ahead to the bold letters below: I took a photo of my paper and emailed it to myself, then opened it in the Design Studio and used that as my template guide!
  • Before I cut my vinyl I triple checked all of my measurements, just to be safe (and you should too!)
  • Since my paper was so dark I wanted my vinyl layered. So I offset the font in white (right click on your words, offset. I used .025)
  • First I cut my white vinyl, then my light blue.
  • Weeded and layered my vinyl, and then applied to the paper with transfer paper.
  • If you do not have a Silhouette Machine you should buy scrapbook letter stickers at the craft store!
  • Hang on the wall and you are done!

Happy crafting with the kids! xo, Dee

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