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I love unique things  Gifts, Home Decor, Clothing, you name it…if it ‘s slightly different I’ve probably admired it. But there’s one little problem. I’m super cheap. So when I found these cute Shadow Puppets at Anthropologie, I was slightly bummed when I saw that they had a price tag of $20! (kinda steep right?)


And that’s when it hit me.. I can totally make that!

Make Your Own Shadow Puppets (rainy day fun! @ From Wine to Whine)

So I did!

I went with the barn theme so that we can play the sound/name game. All it took was 1 – 12 x 12 sheet of black card stock, printer paper, 5 wooden dowels from the craft store, tape and my Handy Dandy Silhouette Machine. (although as always you could totally make these without a cutter).

Search clipart for the Silhouette that you are looking for, and then:

Cutting with your hand:

Copy and paste the image(s) into Word. Print (on  regular computer paper). Cut. And then trace the image onto  black paper. Cut out your new image from the black paper, and tape it to the wooden dowel.

Cutting with a Silhouette Machine:

Import your clipart image(s) into your Silhouette Software. Trace it. Lay your black paper onto your handy dandy mat and CUT (use the card stock setting) And if there is a lot of intricate details slow down the speed! Then tape your image(s) to the wooden dowels.

Now, the fun can start!! Wait for the sun to set and grab your kids! You’ll want to prop a flashlight on the table, so that the light is flashing onto the wall.. and you can start the show! Jo and I had a blast. Definitely worth the few buck investment.

Have you made any fun toys lately? If so make sure you share.. I am ALWAYS looking for ideas!

xo, Dee

9 thoughts on “DIY Shadow Puppets

  1. Yay! I love the idea of making your own shadow puppets with your Silhouette. I’m also a huge fan of Anthro-hacks – – as much as I love Anthro, I DON’T love their pricetags. This is right up my alley! Thanks for sharing this inspirational project, Dee.

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