DIY: I SPY Photo Game

Is your kid OBSESSED with looking through family photo’s? Or maybe grandmom and grandpop live a bit farther than you’d like? Are you “practicing”  name/face recognition? Whatever the case is, this easy DIY should provide some fun, learning for your little one! (plus buy you a few minutes of silence to get dinner started…or to put your heels up.)


You need a black marker, poster board, velcro, contact paper, and family photo’s. As you can see from my lovely outline, drawing skills are not necessary! Just draw a large house with windows and a door, cut your family photo’s out, laminate everything (if you don’t have a laminating machine you can just cover the piece in contact paper). Then put a piece of velcro on the back of the picture and inside the “window”, continue until all your photos are done. Tape to your fridge and call it a day!!

Now your child can make a game out of moving their family throughout the house. Another great way to use this, is to pull all of the pictures off the house and have them place Mommy, Daddy, the dog…etc. in different rooms!This may not keep them busy for hours, but may be a good switch up from the magnets on the fridge… or from pulling apart your photo albums!

xo, Dee

(P.S. In case my MIL or FIL are looking at this, don’t worry you are in the house too! MIL that is you flipped over, and I couldn’t find a picture of FIL to cut up so he will need to get added.. that is why there is a blank spot on the door!)

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