DIY Baby Shower Gift

Going to a baby shower and don’t know what to get?  Make a diaper cake! (and to clarify no, you do not eat a diaper cake.)


You need the following things:

– Diapers: lots and lots of diapers. I usually just buy a box (not a bag) in size 1 or 2. I would recommend asking the Mommy-to-be what diaper brand she is thinking of using. You want her to use it after all right?!

– Rubber bands

– Ribbon

– Baby toys

– Bottle of wine (Inside the cake..Mommy needs a surprise at the end!)

– Cardboard Circle, or Cake Pan

– Glue gun

– Wooden Dowels


Roll all the diapers individually, and then secure with a rubber band.

 Then place the bottle of wine in the center of the cake pan, and start layering your rolled diapers around it.  The bottom layer is about 3-4 rows of diapers deep, depending on how many tiers of the cake/how many diapers you bought you should take into consideration. But for this purpose I used 4 rows deep(ish), then secured the big circle with a large rubber band  (Call in a second pair of hands if you have one).

Time to start that next level! You want to continue doing the same thing… just  keep layering the diapers in a circle around the bottle of wine. This time we will make it 3 rows deep, finish off with a large rubber band to hold everything in place. Continue this way for the next two layers, or until all of your diapers are gone. Make sure everything is pretty secure within the rubber bands,  because you are going to jostle them some.

Take 3 or 4 wooden dowels, and CAREFULLY stick them in the cake. You want to make sure you DO NOT pierce any diapers, the purpose is to make sure the cake stays secure to withstand the travels.

Now, it’s time to decorate!! First, you want to cover the large rubber band with some ribbon. You can easily do this by wrapping the ribbon around the cake and then adding a bit of hot glue on the end. I like to cover the ends to give it a finished look, you could use flower heads, stickers..etc. Be creative!!

You also want to assemble toys/goodies throughout the cake. Whether you have it resting on top of the diapers , or kind of wedge them between, the sky is the limit! Add as much (or as little) as you would like. I tend to pick a theme and stick with it. Whether that be colors, animals, bath time…etc.

Once you are completely done “tweaking” you want to wrap in cellophane, I find that the gift basket cellophane bags work best (just make sure you get a large one, the base is pretty big), and I would NOT recommend sucking the air out with a hair dryer to make the cellophane lay tight. I tried it once and it looked cheap. Maybe I did it wrong, maybe it was a crappy diaper cake.. I am not sure but it didn’t work for me!

That’s it you’re done. In total it may take you like an hour and half to do. Rolling the diapers takes the longest, but it’s a good excuse to sit in front of the TV so maybe that’s a win?!

xo, Dee

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