Disney Pregnancy Announcement

Hey Friends! Do you want to know a secret? BABY #3 is due to arrive September 2017!

Now that I cleared that off my chest, it’s time to talk about

Disney Pregnancy Announcements!

As I was scouring Pinterest for cute announcement ideas I was surprised at the lack of pregnancy announcement ideas that I found for the “happiest place on earth” – so I decided to compile a list of ideas so that you don’t have to!

  • Mickey Mouse telling a secret (see above)
  • Fairy Godmother – Bippity Boppity Boo a baby is due! – I couldn’t find her in the park but maybe you can!
  • The Genie granting you your wish or in my case THREE WISHES! – Unfortunately, the Genie is only in Disneyland so it may not be an option for all of you!
  • Standing in front of the castle – you can find a few variations to this on Pinterest. – I personally love the little kid holding the baby Mickey Ears.
  • Gather the Princesses and take a photo with your Princess bump – You can write something about a new Princess arriving.
  • Mickey and the gang mentioning a future mouseketeer

Do you have a Disney pregnancy announcement to share? Tell me in the comments section!

disney pregnancy announcement

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