cute as a button PRINTABLE!

Remember how I told you I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day? Well,  cupid must have hit me with a big, fat gold arrow because I’ve been on a crafting bender! So to continue our  card conversation from the other day, here’s one of my own.

cute as a button Valentines Day Printable

Want to make your own Button Candy Valentines Day Cards? Print away! Just right-click on the image below and save as to your computer.

Cute as a button printable

Then open the file and click print! (Yup, it’s seriously that simple!) I used a sandwich bag, so the design is made to print on an 8×11 sheet of paper. If you want to use it on a smaller bag just re-size that you can fit more on a page (click qty 2, size 5×7..etc.)

Once your card is printed just fold the paper in half, trim a smidge off the 2 side edge and tape it to the bag. (I made two tape balls.. one for each side). And you are done! (Oh, and don’t forget to add your button candy!!)

xo, Dee

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