Christmas Traditions & Matching Pajamas

Growing up Christmas Eve was always the big holiday for my family. We’d have a huge sit down family dinner, which would include the 7 fishes. Christmas Carols would play in the background, and we’d hang out for what seemed like forever. And as the night would finally start to come to a close we were allowed to open 3 gifts. One was an ornament for the tree, one was something to cuddle with that night and one was a new pair of pajamas….which of course matched my little sisters set!

Christmas Traditions with Hanna Andersson #hannajams

Once I became a Mom I knew this was a tradition that would live on. But I didn’t realize how hard it could be to find matching pajama sets for different aged kids! Well.. that is until I landed on the Hanna Andersson website. Then I finally was able to stop running through the stores like a maniac because she offers EVERY SIZE! That’s right, if I really wanted I could even get a matching set for myself, my hubby or even our dog!! And as if that’s not exciting enough she has a lot of styles to choose from! Here’s a few below:

Matching Boy Chrsitmas pjs  matching elf pajamas Matching PJS santa and mrs. clause pjs

I of course had a really hard time deciding on which style to pick. I mean they are all so cute! But since I knew I wanted to personalize them (stay tuned for that post), and since I didn’t know the new babies sex yet I went with a classical candy stripe!

matching candy stripe pjs

Now besides the fact that Hanna Andersson offers matching sets for the whole family, they are also an awesome company! Many of their items are made from organic cotton and even more are oeko-tex certified which means they have been tested for over 100 harmful chemicals. They also believe in their products so much that they back it 100%! But my favorite message from Hanna Andersson was their view on kids.. they just think that a kid should be a kid and not a little adult. How can one not agree with that?! 

hanna andersson

So if you’ve yet to buy your kiddos their Christmas Pajamas yet, why not start a new family tradition and pick out a set at Hanna Andersson online? (or of course you can go into one of their stores!) Which style would you pick?

xo, Dee

Please note that I did receive a pair of pajamas to review for this post however no compensation was give. As always this review is based off of my own opinion and I really love the quality of the pajamas.. plus the fact that they had sizes in both a 3t and 0-3m.

I will be personalizing these pajamas for the kids.. so make sure you stop back early December to see how they turn out! (& how you can make them too)

38 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions & Matching Pajamas

  1. I will have to check this site out! I also get matching pj’s for my kids but the past few years have been tough as my kids have been getting older. Thanks for this post, it is exactly what I needed!

  2. These are seriously so cute!! My daughter would love the elf nightgown! I have been on the hunt for Christmas pajamas so I am definitely going to check out their site!

  3. Love your families traditions! Christmas Eve is always a big day and definitely big night for us. We don’t have a large dinner, just our usual, but we watch Christmas movies with the kiddos and then come the “You HAVE to go to sleep so Santa can come”, all because mom and dad want to get to sleep for when they wake us up before the sun is even fully up. Those pajamas are adorable as well, I’m slacking this year, we usually have matching pjs for all of the kids by this time so we don’t forget.

  4. Hannah long johns are our favorites and as my daughter gets older, I love that they are adding more night shirts to their collection. We get our matching sets for every Christmas Eve!! And…I’m super excited a new store is opening in Marlton, NJ. My only complaint is that since they were introduced, I wish the licensed long johns for girls came in bigger sizes. My daughter was already in 140’s at 7 and she still would have loved to sleep like a princess!
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  5. Aww I love this idea!! I’ll have to tell my MIL! She always gets the grandkids pj’s to wear on Christmas Eve :)

  6. Love this! Every year I look for different “themed” Christmas pajamas for my son that will hold up all season long. These look perfect … thanks for pointing me in the righ direction!

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