Holiday Lights in Philadelphia

If you live in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area the weather this week is INSANELY warm and beautiful! So my friends and I took advantage of the warm weather and headed outdoors to the city of brotherly love. Now, I go into the city pretty often (I ‘m only 15 minutes away so it’s pretty convenient) but this was my first time taking Jo on the train into Philly. So naturally I was a bit leery. But thank my lucky stars she LOVED it!! Truthfully the whole day was so blissfully easy, so much so I would totally recommend it to  my mommy friends (which is why I am blogging about it!) So if you are feeling adventurous I’ve done the planning for you!


TRAVEL: There are tons of ways to get into the city but we decided to take the PATCO line. Now the trick is  to check before you go to the train station and make sure they have an elevator. (it’s pretty crucial..well unless you have more adult hands then kids!) We left from the WoodCrest Station, and it was easy peasy. (they have 2 lots of free parking one in the front and one in the way back).

First Stop: Macys on Market Street (the old Wannamakers Building). We took the train to 8th and Market and walked down (it was only 5 city blocks). The show goes off every hour so try to time it accordingly. I would bet money that the weekends get a little busy but mid-week we had plenty of room! The light  show lasts about 15 minutes, and you just grab a spot on the floor. Since the lights take place on a HUGE wall really no one could have a bad seat since you are looking up.  After the show make sure you stop at Dickens Village on the second floor of the Macys building!

Dickens Village is exactly what it sounds.. you stroll through the maze of the Charles Dickens Christmas story. It’s a slow-moving, strolling thing to see but it was neat. I wouldn’t say to go all the way just for that but since you are already there you should stop. From Dickens Village we high-tailed it down to the Comcast building on 17th and JFK.

If you’ve never seen the inside of the Comcast Building it’s pretty darn cool! The wall is literally  a giant screen!! It looks like wood but they play cute short clips… it’s technology at it’s finest. But every hour on the hour they do a Christmas Show (hence why we went), and it was awesome!! We were “on a sleigh ride through the d=woods, flying over the city, dancing with nutcrackers…etc.” The kids danced, they sang, and they even ran around a bit (it was a weekday so not to crowded). All in all totally enjoyable. Once again the show only lasts about 15 minutes, so from there we walked downstairs and  grabbed a bite to eat before we made our way back to the train station. (which was at 15th and Locust Street). There was everything from pizza, to sushi, to yummy looking sandwiches (so kind of a treat for Mom too! Or you could think ahead and bring your own).

Now if you want to do EVEN MORE fun city things you could head on down to Reading Terminal Market (at 12th and Arch) grab something to eat (or make for dinner) and watch the 500 sq. ft. model railroad display with almost a third of a mile of track!

To get time’s and exact details check out the websites below!

Did I leave any of your favorite Christmas spots in Philly off my list? If so let me know I want to check them out!

And if you like to know local things to do and see please let me know!! I am out and about A LOT but I never know if you want to hear about it! So tell me.. k?!

xo, Dee

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