Christening Gown made from a Wedding Dress

Looking for a creative way to recycle your wedding dress? Turn it into a Christening Gown!

Is your wedding dress just hanging in the back of your closet? That’s where mine was too. I had every intention of preserving it but you know how that goes.. one day you’re walking down the aisle and then you blink and five years has passed by and your dress is still hanging right where you left it. But for once, my neglect actually paid off! The baby is 6 months, which means she was to big for her sisters Christening Dress. But thankfully I am blessed to have a very talented Mother In Law who was able to turn my wedding dress into a beautiful christening gown!

Christening Gown made from a wedding dress

She did a great job, right?

Besides my daughter looking absolutely beautiful on her special day, I love that t my future grandchildren (& great grandchildren) will be able to have a piece of our family history on them when they themselves get blessed. In order to keep the dress fresh I have it in a preservation box , it’s packed away with her headband, socks and bib!

Did you do anything unique with your wedding dress? I still have a few scraps of mine left so I’d LOVE to hear about it!  xo, Dee

4 thoughts on “Christening Gown made from a Wedding Dress

  1. I love that you found another use for your wedding dress and one that is so meaningful. Great job your mother-in-law did!

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