Camping/Woodland Themed First Birthday Party

Well, the little guy turned ONE! I can still barely believe it. You would think that after the third baby you would be used to them growing up quickly. Yet, here I am once again looking at the calendar wondering where the time went. But since there isn’t much that I can do about it, I decided to channel my tears into decorating for his Camping Woodland Themed First Birthday Party.

Want to see it? It was inspired by Forest Animals & Buffalo Plaid.

Wall of animals! The animal cutouts were found at the dollar store. The package had over 50 animal heads.

I added some woodland themed decorations from Hobby Lobby to the wall & added milestone photos to my door.

For camping favors we gave fishing nets from & snake stuffed animals.

Since there were a lot of little kids at the party we had to keep the party activities pretty simple, so we had them paint birdhouses that we got from AC Moore.

For the Camping Party, we went with a Woodland Cake. Which happened to be filled with cookie dough.


Cute right?


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