Broken China Pendant GIVEAWAY

Happy Friday! Guess what?! I have a little treat for all you lovely ladies…anyone want to win a necklace?!!
Cute right?! But here’s the best part…That cute little charm is from an antique plate!! (Yup you read that right)
My friend Molly takes an antique plate like this
k 001
And does this
new 006
Which she then turns it into that!!
Pretty awesome right?! Just imagine the possibilities: heirlooms from grandmas china, anniversary gifts from your wedding set (hint hint hubby), bridesmaids gifts…the list goes on and on. But now you can have one of your own. Molly’s Etsy page A House to a Home is offering a necklace to one lucky reader!! (plus, 15% off her page with the code happy happy…doesn’t that make you happy happy?!)
So here’s what you’ll want to do:

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And if you want to know how and why Molly started breaking plates, here’s a little back story from her: It all started when my mom, who owns an antique store, told me she couldn’t stand throwing broken bowls and plates in the trash anymore…especially when they were so special and expensive!  She mailed me the broken pieces and told me to make something!  Once I finally got the hang of how to make the charms, I fell in the love with process.  While I do use the broken items from the antique store, I also enjoy finding vintage plates at yard sales, Habitat Restore, etc.  I love that I can start with a plate that I love, and end up with something WAY more functional and something that can be enjoyed every day!  It’s addicting not knowing what the necklaces will look like…I find myself constantly breaking dishes just to see what pieces I’ll have!  I am seriously in love with each charm I’s hard to even sell them! – Molly @ A House To A Home
Now tell me.. do you have a plate that you want to smash in the name of art?!
xo, Dee

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    1. I am always eager and excited to do custom work! I would be happy to quote you for however many charms you would like 🙂

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