Bottoms Up! MYO Wine Tags


This months Silhouette Challenge, was more then just a fun craft. It was for a Gift Tag Swap! (Yup, I’m that cool!) Me and 21 of my Silhouette friends all made 21 homemade tags and then swapped with each other! (pretty cool right?)  As with every project that I take on it seems to take a while to get going. With no “rules” to follow I thought long and hard on what to make… I downloaded images, cut and tossed samples, asked my family and friends.. and all I seemed to do was become closer and closer to my deadline with nothing to show for it.

When it finally hit me.. Wine Tags! After all tis’ the season for bringing hostess gifts right? Now mine (and my Silhouette Swapping Buddies) bottles won’t be bare!


If you’ve ever participated in a swap then you already know the deal. But for those of you that are scratching your head. Each person makes X amount of tags. They get shipped to one person who separates them into individual piles. Then everyone gets an envelope sent back with the assortment. (Does that make any sense?).  Which means in just a few short weeks I should have 21 Handmade Gift Tags!  Tell me that’s not TOTALLY AWESOME?!

Ok, so now that I told you why I made them. Now let me show you how to make them!

First I found a simple, clean cut anchor image and imported it into my Silhouette Design  software. Then I used the trace button (green and blue squiggly square) to trace the outside AND inside (so click the first option that says TRACE).

 traced the anchor

Since the anchor image is a bit thin, I new I needed to bulk it up a bit. So I right clicked on my mouse and used the OFFSET button to create 2 anchor layers.


Then the last design step was to add the font. And what’s the one saying that sailing and drinking have in common? Bottoms Up! (Ok, that’s not actually a sailing saying but in my defense it totally sounds nautical right?)


To ensure that the right pieces are going to get sketched/cut it’s really important to check your Cut Lines. In order to do that you want to go to the red scissors icon at the top of the screen. Then in this case I want to highlight the two anchor outlines and click NO CUT.  

Now I headed over to the cut screen and switched the blade setting to sketch pen (inserted the pen in the holder), and got drawing. Once that was completed, I went back into the red scissors and changed the font to NO CUT, and the top anchor to cut. Lastly, once the top layer was cut I put in my new paper, switched the cut lines again to select the bottom layer. And got cutting.

When working with a multi layer project it sounds a bit complicated, but it’s really not. You just need to make sure you stay focused on the task at hand so you don’t accidentally cut the wrong layer (or two).

Once I was FINALLY done it was time to start assembling  the tags. So I grabbed my twine and started knotting. And once that was all said and done I too was ready to Bottoms Up….in bed! (Forget the wine I was BEAT!)


Now if you are still with me that must mean you have a Silhouette Machine. Which is why you now should go scroll through all the amazingly, awesome links below.. get inspired, learn a thing or two, find something pin-worthy! There are 30 AMAZING projects for you to click through so check them out, you won’t regret it!

Oh and if you want to make a Bottoms Up tag of your own here’s the file to download!

xo, Dee

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16 thoughts on “Bottoms Up! MYO Wine Tags

  1. These are hilarious! My mom is a big wine drinker, if I get one of your tags I might just have to purchase a bottle of wine to give her. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh – – I love that we both had anchors in our projects this month! We are SO on the same WAVElength (pun intended). 😉

    And how creative to include a wine bottle gift tag as part of the swap. Oh, I hope to get yours! But if I don’t, now I know how to make it thanks to this stellar tutorial.

    Thanks for joining us for this month’s Challenge and for inspiring us with your creativity!

  3. What a wonderful idea!! I’ve officially decided that all of my neighbor gifts and gifts to my friends will be a bottle of wine with a super cute Silhouette gift tag!! You are so stinkin’ smart! I love it! As far as the tag swap goes, that’s a great idea!! You’re going to end up with such a great assortment this season! Thanks for stopping by Nearly Handmade 😉

  4. Finally having a chance to go through all the Silhouette Challenge project inspiration– I’m like a [big] kid on Christmas but earlier!!

    Ahhh, I’m ruining the element of surprise for this months Challenge. I also took part in the Holiday Gift Tag Exchange. Guess thats what I get for starting the ‘sneak peek’ chant haha! Anyway your tags are simply genius!! I was hoping there was someone out there as quirky as I and bent the rules a bit!! I REALLY hope one of your bottoms up tags sneaks there way into my envelope!

    Keep rockin on!!

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