Birthday Traditions

Traditions are a big part of the holidays. But do you incorporate them year round?

Today I’m sharing our Birthday Tradition!

Remember  the 90’s when we  used to take photos, print them out AND add them into their proper photo album? Some of use even went as far as scrapbooking them on cute bedazzled pages! But then entered digital cameras and IPhones, and for many of us that meant our scrapbooking hobby took a backseat.  So where does that leave our pictures? Stored somewhere on our computer hard drives…maybe even burned to a cd (only to find out that cdroms are becoming obsolete).

What will our kids say in 30 years when they want to look back on their chubby cheek baby pictures? Will they even be able to access their photos?

 With this Birthday Tradition they will!

Once a year I take all of my favorite photos of the Birthday Kid and load them into my Shutterfly account so that I can make their yearly book. We are talking 20+ pages filled with about 100+ beautiful, bright memories that we can cherish forever!

Now I’m not going to lie, in years past my photobook would take multiple nights of editing and obsessing to finalize. And as a Mom of two young kids, time is not really something that have a lot of! So when Shutterfly asked me to try out their new Make My Book option, I had no problem handing over the design control on Shelby’s book to a design professional. It made the photobook process so simple! I told the designer what photo folders to use, gave a few notes on what I liked/disliked and let the designer go to work. I couldn’t believe how much time it saved!

Want to start your own Birthday Tradition? Here are a few tips so that you can get started quickly!

  • When I start my book I make a folder on my desktop and label it Shutterfly, then I grab all of my favorite photos from the past year and batch upload them into a new Shutterfly album.
    • When using Make My Book you don’t even have to specify exactly what pictures you want them to use, you can just tell your designer which albums to pull photos from!
  • Go to Shutterfly Make My Book and follow the steps! First you’ll pick your colors, then select your album, and then you fill out a form with your suggestions, book history..etc.
  • Make sure you give clear instructions on your design preferences. I like to have a lot of photos, and varying layouts. But some people think less is more. So communicate your taste (if you have a preference).
  • That’s it!! The Make My Book process is really easy. You submit your information and within 3 days you have a completed book waiting for you in your shopping cart. At that point you can go back and add some personalized touches or you can order as is.

Want to see a few pages from my book?!

photobook birthday tradition1


Do you have any special Birthday Traditions in your house? I’d love to hear about them!

xo, Dee

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  1. This is perfect! I have just been thinking a lot about family traditions and how important they are for families – not just at the holidays. Great post!

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