Beat The Heat (without leaving the yard!)

Today’s going to be a HOT ONE! Here are a few FREE FUN ideas to keep your little one cool and happy without leaving your backyard! (we have: Basic Backyard Fun, Water Games, and my favorite MYO  Water Fun)


Basic Backyard Fun (which I am sure you already do, but just in case!):

•  Baby Pool
•  Sprinkler
•  Slip and Slide
•  Water Table


If you are having a few kids over, why not play a few WATER GAMES!

  •  Water Limbo
  •  Water Balloon Toss
  •  Over –the-River: Similar to Water Limbo but in REVERSE! Start with the hose low to the ground and see who can jump the highest!
  •  Beach Ball Race
  •  Water Pistol Fight (Not a water gun fan? How about using a squirt bottle?)
  •  Tug-of-War
  •  Drip-Drip-Drench: Just like Duck, Duck, Goose, but with a cup of water.
  •  Sponge Tag: Tag with a sponge full of water!
  •  Hokey Pokey: BUT play it by the sprinkler! Every time you say a body part, your little one has to wet that part.
  •  Sink or Float: Grab a bunch of household items and let your kids guess which Sinks or Floats, then toss in the pool and see if they were right.


Or (and my favorite) Make Your Own Backyard Fun:

  • Water Slide – Take your baby slide; place it in your baby pool, lay your hose on top of the slide and you’re ready to go!
  • Ice Sculptures – Dump your ice-cube tray on the table and let your kids start stacking. As they start to melt, they’ll start sticking together.
  • Ice Age Toys – Fill your ice-cube tray with water and small toys. Let it freeze overnight and, in the morning, let the kids have fun trying to break the toys out.
  • Wet Paint Play – Fill a bucket with water, grab a clean paint brush and let your little one “paint” the fence.
  • Wash your car…and your kids’ Cozy Coupe!
  • Add some toys to your baby pool! By adding funnels and colanders, your little one will have a new way to play. Or if your tot is a bit older you can add some water balloons for a big, cold surprise when the balloon pops!
  • Clean Your Toys: I know this doesn’t sound fun, but any time you give a kid a bucket full of bubbles they’re going to be giggling in no time! There are only two requirements for this MYO (make your own) 1) make sure they’re using a big enough bucket, so they can dunk things, and 2) you must add bubbles! Give them a washrag or medicine dropper…the more “tools”, the better!
  • Treasure Hunt: Fill a cooler with ice and drop in some “treasure” for your kids to find! Think small toys, plastic eggs..etc.
  • Fill the kiddie pool with something interesting like cooked spaghetti or plastic balls. If you have a 4-year old boy, I’m sure swimming in spaghetti would be the hit of the summer!
  • Backyard Water Pinatas: Double up a plastic bag and fill with water, knot the top and loop it onto a branch. Grab a tennis racket, and let the hitting begin! 

Good luck staying cool!! If I missed any of your favorites make sure to comment below or on facebook!

xo, Dee

(Also featured in South Jersey MOM Magazine!)


3 thoughts on “Beat The Heat (without leaving the yard!)

  1. Great list of ideas. If you have a two litter bottle, you can make your own tree hanging sprinkler. I saw a photo of this on Pinterest. Some two litter bottles will screw onto the water hose, then you slash holes into the two litter bottle. Then hang it on your tree and turn it on. Another thing I learned a few years ago, take painting plastic and put some soap on it and turn on the water hose (homemade slip and slide) with bubbles. I found your blog on Bloggy Mom’s Blog Hop List.

    1. What great ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing! I’m headed to your blog now.

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