Babywearing in the summer…

Does you little one love to be held? Mine too!

Which is why babywearing has been a life saver! If you’ve been following along on IG you already know that I wear the baby a lot.  It just makes life with a baby & a preschooler so much easier! My hands are free, she’s content because she’s snuggled up next to me, and I don’t need to worry about the stroller!  But since I’m still new to this whole babywearing thing I  started to get really nervous when the temperature started heating up. But fear not my faithful friends, I found us a solution!

A water ring sling! Have you heard of it?

I received mine from Mercy Baby Boutique and it’s PERFECT for this summer! It’s a ring sling that’s lightweight and can get wet! It’s made from a similar fabric as gym shorts, so it breaths easily and doesn’t hold water. So it will be perfect for just wearing around the playground as normal or even at the pool….Cool right?!

 Having used Mercy Baby Boutique sling at least a dozen times, I can official report that the craftsmanship is really nice & durable. My Water Ring Sling is a kelly green with a grey chevron trim..which kinda makes it like a fashion accessory! And since it’s bright I can always find it..not that I ever misplace anything 🙂  As for the baby she seems to like it! I tend to wear her on my hip since she’s 6 month, which gives her prime viewing access to her sister. Plus my sling came with a cute baby teether!!

So if you are hoping to babywear this summer you should head on over to the Mercy Baby Boutique Website and pick out a cute sling! I genuinely think you’ll be happy with your purchase… I know I am!

xo, Dee

Oh and in case you haven’t tried hip carrying before don’t worry neither did I. Here’s a video that explains how to do it. Just practice a few times in front of the mirror and you’ll be good!

Please note, that I received this product in order to write the review but as always all opinions are 100% my own.

7 thoughts on “Babywearing in the summer…

  1. I’m going to wear my baby (now toddler) forever. I love her so much, I will just need to figure out ways to keep her attached forever, tee he he. Will never tire of the snuggles and being close!

  2. You do it so gracefully, I remember when my boys were babies and I tried so many wraps and carriers and always felt as if they would fall out or I was crushing them. LOL

  3. We wore out babies all the time! It makes life so much easier. I will share this with my mamas since many of them are babywearing too!

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