Babys First Ornament

Do you have a new baby in the house?

I have the perfect first ornament for you to make! It only costs a few dollars and it’s filled with memories!

babys first ornament

You need:

  • a Large Plastic Ornament that opens

  • Baby Things

    • Baby Hat

    • Hospital Bracelet

    • It’s a Girl/Boy Birth Card from the incubator

    • whatever else you want to add in! I added the babys heart monitor

    • Small piece of ribbon

    • Super Glue

    • OPTIONAL: Silhouette Machine

    • OPTIONAL: Vinyl


  • Twist the ornament open

  • Assemble the items

  • Close the ornament (if you aren’t going to open it again you could add some glue to the seam to ensure that it stays closed)

  • Add a string

  • Hang it on the tree

  • OPTIONAL: Add vinyl with babys name and birth stats

xo, Dee

Please note I made this ornament last year and I recall seeing a picture on Pinterest that served as inspiration. If that was your post please let me know so that I can link you properly!

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