Baby Bumpers – a safe option

Hey, friends! So today I want to tell you about my most recent FAVORITE baby product.

It is called Wonder Bumpers from Go Mama Go Designs. Have you heard of them?

wonder bumpers the safe crib bumper option

It’s SAFE a crib bumper for babies of all ages! Unlike some of the other safe bumpers on the market, the Wonder Bumper offers padding, and peace of mind!  So you don’t need to worry about those hard crib railings OR  your babies safety! Isn’t that great?

Now you’re probably like OMG Dee, are you pregnant? I mean why else would someone with a one-year-old be talking about crib bumpers?!  AND I’m…..


The Wonder Bumpers are for my one-year-old’s crib because she likes to bang her head on the rails.  Which as you can imagine was leaving her head bruised and lumpy. So for those of you that found my page thanks to googling kid head banging, I want to tell you that this will help! Because like you I was a worried, sleep deprived mess before I put them on her crib. I mean you call the doctor and ask them what to do, and they tell you not to reward her behavior by getting her.. but my kid had LUMPS ON HER HEAD from banging so hard! How can I ignore that?

Before I received the bumpers  I  tried everything from tailoring her bedtime routine, adding a regular bumper, putting pool noodles around the rails, putting her in a pack and play and then the last one was wrapping foam padding around the rails. Nothing worked, it may have stopped her for a day but she usually just found a new spot to bang, or a way to remove the covers.

And then I found the Wonder Bumpers! Que the angels signing!

Once I read up on them, I ordered a pack immediately. Not only did they come in cute colors, but they were safe, padded, and easy to assemble. It was a  trifecta! And they weren’t hard to get on. You literally zip them on! Now I just wish I knew about them before. It would have made the  bumper/no bumper/mesh bumper decision so much easier!

Do you hear that pregnant mama’s?  Put these on your registry!!!

If you aren’t convinced on why you should order them yet here are a few more reasons:

  • Washable
  • Reversible
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Padded so it keeps your kid safe
  • Breathable because there are still openings
  • Cute Colors – you can even create your own set!
  • Great for babies & head bangers!
Zippers down, so the baby can’t get to them.




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