a St.Patty’s Sun Catcher

Looking for an easy St. Patty’s Day craft? All you need are three things! (How lucky is that?!)

Make a st patty'sday sun catcher

You Need:

Green Cardstock, Contact Paper & Tissue Paper (plus scissors, tape & a pencil)

Cut your tissue paper into squares. (This is a great task for your preschooler to do with your assistance since tissue paper is thin and easy to cut.)
Cut a square border and a shamrock. I used my die cutting machine but you could easily do it free hand or print a template from the computer!
You will need to cut 2 pieces of contact paper, which should be larger then the square border. Place one piece, sticky side up and have your little place the border and the shamrock onto it.
Have them take the tissue paper squares and cover the remaining open space.
Once finished your back should look something like this. Now take your remaining square contact paper and lay it down. Flatten it to make sure everything is sticking and that the air bubbles are out. And trim the edges. (You may need to add a few pieces of tape for reassurance to the corners.)
Tape it to the window and you are done!

Cute and simple right? And if you liked this make sure you stop by the Facebook page to see what St. Patty’s Day craft I made out of the scraps!

xo, Dee


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