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Can you believe that it’s already July?? Here in Jersey summer is in full swing…which equals Jo and I being ON THE GO a lot!! Actually as you read this, I am sitting poolside in Hershey PA, getting a little R&R, hanging out with family, and of course curbing my ever present sweet tooth.

So to ensure that you don’t miss anything let’s make sure we are all synced up!

  • Hopefully you are already getting From Wine to Whine’s posts delivered directly to your inbox..but if not you can easily do so by adding your email address to the empty box on the right hand side of the screen!
  • Facebook is a great way to interact, see what w(h)ine like things are going on, and to view a lot of other great blogs that I follow (I am a big fb sharer).
  • Instagram is a fun one. I typically take pictures of Jo (obviously) and fun products that I come across during my shopping trips. 
  • Twitter is my weak point, I try..BUT I struggle. What do you tweet about? 
  • Pinterest – I think this one can go without a description since it’s pretty obvious… But you should know, I pin some pretty awesome things, which means you should follow along!!

But anyway, to those that have been around a while THANK YOU! And to you newbie’s WELCOME!  Just PLEASE if you are new like, follower, fan or friend, drop me a little note so that I can follow you back! I love knowing who I am talking to!

xo, Dee

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