abstract wall art..by a toddler!

I’m sure you’ve pinned at least one DIY: Paint/Tape project…but have you tried it?  If the answer is NO, go grab your paint because it’s a Pin Win!!

You Need:

– Painters Tape (or Masking Tape)

– Paint (I recommended Kid Paint, but we did use Acrylic and everything was fine and it washed nicely off the plastic kids table!!)

– 2 canvases – any size will do! We bought ours at AC MOORE for $6. (and P.S. when I say WE, I really mean 5 little people! Fortunately, I have some super crafty friends and they decided to turn a normal play date into a painting party! Fun right?!)

Lay your 2 blank canvases next to each other, and add strips of tape. If they are going to be hung next to each other I would recommend having at least one piece of tape go across both canvases. This will help it look like one big piece of art!
Give your little one(s) some paint, and step back…. things are about to get messy!
After you finish painting it should look like this. Make sure you let it COMPLETELY dry before you pull the tape off. (I let mine sit overnight just to be safe.)
Remove the tape and TADA you have fun, kid wall art!

Find a place to hang it and call it a day, you my friend are DONE!

xo, Dee

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One thought on “abstract wall art..by a toddler!

  1. What fun! I think my kids would each love to make one of these for their rooms, especially using “real” canvases! 🙂

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