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Hi I’m Dee! If you’ve stumbled across my page it’s probably because you too enjoy a glass or maybe a bottle of wine like myself! I am a thirty year old, pin-a-holic Mom (and step mom) to three girls (15, 4, and 1). When I can find a few free moments from life, I enjoy DIYing, couponing and crafting …and let’s not forget my best work happens while enjoying an adult beverage or two!


So to get our new BFF status started here’s what you should know about me!

  •  I use way to many smiley faces and LOL’s. (nervous habit?) Oh, and I tend to use a lot of parenthesis to show what my inner filter is trying to keep me from saying. (Have I scared you away yet? No? Good, I swear I am not weird… keep reading)
  • I am overly creative, but I lack patience. Which is why you will find that most things I post are QUICK and EASY. I also enjoy working with things that I can find around the house (afterall who wants to always be running to the store, and “prepping” for projects?).
  • I write like a speak. Which is by no means grammatically correct. So if you are stickler for those things try to imagine me saying the words to you while I have both hands flapping around in the air. (Did I mention I’m Italian?)
  • I have my BS in Fashion Marketing. (and yes, going to Fashion School ROCKED!) So it’s probably pretty obvious that I love clothes,  BUT…
  • I’m super frugal. So for me mixing old pieces together with fun prints or accessories makes me happy. ( Or as my Mom would say.. I beat to my own fashion drum, hence the yellow pants.) I like my clothes like I like my friends, and  my house decor..upbeat and smiley! So if it’s kinda quirky, not to matchy-matchy, and has some type of personality.. that’s me! (which sometimes equals looking like a hot mess.. but you get the picture).

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My goal for From Wine to Whine is to help make the creative side of being a Mom a smidge easier. Being a Mom is hard work, and trying to find time to fit in activities for you or your little ones can be challenging. Fortunately, I am pretty good at thinking outside the box and providing EASY and AFFORDABLE ideas for you (or them)! So I hope you look around, and hang out a bit. (Maybe even grab a  recommendation or two.) At the very least I promise to try my best to keep you laughing throughout the journey of my w(h)ine filled life!

xo, Dee

If you really want to show me that you care, Like My Facebook Page! And of course, I am on Google +. We can’t forget, I tweet too… even though my tweeting could use to be a bit chipper (haha get it.. ok bad joke) Follow Me! And If you want to follow my Pin-session Follow my Pins!  

SOOooO now, I want to know about you…quick tell me one thing!



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