A sweet, DIY Candyland themed first birthday party!

My little princess turned one, so obviously we had a party to celebrate! Since I enjoy being crafty, and I have been dying to do something grand enough to be pin worthy I figured an elaborate DIY party was in order!

After hours of scouring the Internet for “theme” ideas, I found the perfect one…..Candyland!! It was cute, colorful and the possibilities were endless!! Since mine was only a first birthday party I did choose to scale back some, but I may reinvent the theme once she’s school aged, since there are so many awesome things to do!

Besides the typical candy throughout the house. We had lollipops (bubble wands) lining the walkway with candy cane railing (made from Ribbon and pool noodles), with mini lollipops sprouting under the trees and hard candy hanging from the fence. And let’s not forget about her outfit, it’s amazing the things you can do with some tulle! A little sure does go along way!!

My only failed attempt was with the board game walkway. Unfortunately the wind was not cooperating with me, and the construction paper would not stay down. All in all, I think my first “pin project” was a success! The baby seemed to enjoy it at least.




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