a quick THANK YOU note

Today seemed like the appropriate time to count my blessings and acknowledge the things that I am thankful for. And one of those things is YOU!

 I realize From Wine to Whine is just an itty-bitty blip in the blogosphere. But the fact that 5,000 of you stop by my page a month, is INSANE so how could I not want to be incredibly thankful for that?!

So THANK YOU for stopping by, and an even bigger THANK YOU for coming back. From Wine to Whine may be a place for you to grab quick, easy ideas but for me it’s therapy..it makes me a better person. By you visiting, it encourages me to keep doing more, to keep crafting, and most importantly to be a better (fun) Mom.

Many of you lovely ladies have become more than just readers, you are friends. So to all of you THANK YOU I am oh, so thankful for your support!

xo, Dee


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