A quick step by step guide to making homemade wine. It takes a year but believe me, it’s worth it!

Who said being a mom isn’t fun? Maybe you can’t spend countless hours at the bar (anymore), but you can still enjoy a beverage or two! And why not take it one step further and make your own? It can be a great hobby for you and your hubby. Plus it’s really easy, and the 25 bottles once you are done is a great reward!

So you go buy the grape juice (not the kind from acme, find a wine juice distributor). Add some yeast, stir, and plug it with this plastic tube thing and let it sit atleast 24 hours but I let mine sit for about a week or two.

Then disinfect the glass vat, and pour the juice in. You need to store the vat in a cool dark place. I keep mine in my basement cellar, and cover with blankets for additional darkness.

Now you can let this sit for the next year and not do a thing and it should be decent. I like to clear mine out. Which pretty much means you take a tube and drain the wine from one vat to another, leaving all of the crap on the bottom of the old vat (which easily washes out..this is full of grape skin and such). The purpose of doing this is to make a clearer (and tastier) wine.

Ok now we are at the last step, a.k.a. my favorite! Time to bottle the wine! So clean the wine bottless, boil the corks and start pouring. I am not going to lie it is labor intesive, but every 5 gallon you make, you get about 26 bottles of wine.

So pour yourself a glass, and admire your awsomeness you deserve it!

P.S. it is much easier to just go buy wine at the store, but trust me the work is worth the reward. Its decent wine that you are proud to drink! Oh but make sure you drink the full bottle, I’ve found that homemade doesn’t hold as well.

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