a Maternity OLAF Halloween Costume

Is Frozen still in full force at your house? It is in mine! So it was no surprise when Jo said she wanted to be Elsa for Halloween. BUT I didn’t realize that she was going to ask for Olaf to go out with us too. Any guesses on who the lucky participant would be?

You guessed it.. ME!

Who else would make a great Olaf then a very pregnant mama?!

OLAF Maternity Halloween Costume How To @ From Wine to Whine

Now for all my pregnant mamas, here’s what you want to do!

Grab a white maternity shirt, and hit the craft store we need a few basic items:
  • a white hat
  • black, white, orange felt
  • scissors
  • white shirt
  • black removable vinyl OR you could use black pom-poms, circle stickers, cardstock..etc.
  • A computer/printer to print your stencil OR a silhouette machine to cut it
  • pen
  • hot glue
 Here’s what you want to do! (Don’t worry it’s very easy!)
  • Make yourself a stencil! You want to cut out a big picture of Olafs face (eyes, eyebrows, and hair.)
  •  Grab a marker and trace it onto your felt. Then carefully cut the pieces, and hot glued them to the hat. (Make sure to keep the eye’s close together, Olaf’s eyes are just about touching his nose)
  • For his nose: cut a pretty large triangle out of orange felt, roll it into a cone shape, and hot glue the seam. Then fill it with stuffing. Once it has the shape that you want glue the opening onto the hat.
  • For his hair: We want it to stand up straight, so take your black cut felt, and glue a broken pipe cleaner to the 3 spiky parts. Now glue that to the crown of the hat!
  • For his outfit: I cut 3 – not so straight circles from a temporary vinyl. (that way I wouldn’t damage my shirt…because let’s be serious who wants to buy more maternity clothes!) But you could also use felt, cardstock, pre-cut stickers…etc.
  • Layer your t-shirt over top of a brown shirt & pair with some white pants and your snowman is built!

So tell me.. how are you dressing that bump?

xo, Dee

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18 thoughts on “a Maternity OLAF Halloween Costume

  1. I’m not pregnant but I might have to steal this idea. I’m class captain for the Kindergarten Halloween Party and I’ve been trying to find a costume that would be appropriate for me to wear in a classroom around kids.

  2. Super cute! Totally going to try this since I’ll have an almost 4yo Elsa and a 2yo Anna….now to DIY a Kristoff outfit for my hubby!

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