a magical DIY Santa Letter

Does your little one want a Hatchimal this year? Mine too! And since we are getting closer and closer to Christmas and I’ve yet to get my hands on a Hatchimal I decided to start preparing for the fact that I may not have one under the Christmas Tree.

Now I am sure at this point you’ve seen the adorable Santa apology letters, well I decided to kick that up a crafty notch and make a Santa letter that looks like it is straight from Santa’s desk!

hatchimal santa

hatchimal santa

You Need

Now, all you need to do to re-create this magical letter is to handwrite the letter I’ve listed below!


Santa Letter:

Dear  ____________,

Thank you for being so good this year. I know that a Hatchimal was at the top of your list this Christmas. Unfortunately, the special egg I had planned to set aside just for you was not laid in time for a Christmas Day delivery. But don’t worry, my elves are watching over the Hatchimal mommy, and as soon as she lays her egg I will carefully deliver it right to your home. In the meantime, I have brought you other fun gifts to enjoy!

Merry Christmas!!!



Hopefully, this helped a few of you out! I know as a Mom it is really hard not to be able to give your kid everything that they want, so at least this Santa Letter will add a little excitement to help hold your little one over for when the Hatchimal does arrive.

Merry Christmas!




Please note that I received product to create this post. But as you know I love Oriental Trading and order from them often!

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