a lucky (edible) rainbow necklace

Your little one is going to love this EDIBLE  St. Patty’s Day craft!

an edible saint patty's day necklace

You Need:

  • Bowl of fruit loops
  • Green yarn
  • Elmers Glue
  • A clover cutout (print here!)
  • Green crayon.


  • While you gather your materials have your little one color the four leaf clover.
  • Cut a piece of yarn (around 18”).
  • Make a knot on one of the ends of the yarn.
  • Take the non-knotted yarn end, and place a few dots of glue on it, and rub it in. This will make the yarn tip sturdier for little hands.
  • Give your little one the bowl of fruit loops, and let them start stringing!
  • Once they are about half way through the strand weave the clover printable onto the necklace.
  • Resume stringing the fruit loops.
  • Once completed, knot the end of the yarn.
  • And tie it on your little one, you are done!

an edible saint patty's day necklace


As featured at South Jersey MOM Magazine!

3 thoughts on “a lucky (edible) rainbow necklace

  1. I might try this without the paper shamrock (he loves to rip paper) for my 2 year old. Good reason to look for Fruit Loops on sale, as its not one of the cereals I frequently buy. Craft and snack all in 1!

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