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Hi friends! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Unfortunately I was not showered with lavish gifts or sent for all day spa treatments…BUT fear not, it was still an extra special day! The hubs did a good job at taking over my typical tasks, and Jo even made me a sweet little gift, but that wasn’t even the best part!! I was reminded on the magic of Motherhood, you know the hugs, the giggles, the butterflies… not sure what I am getting at? Here let me have Jolie tell you! She’s been working hard to keep this BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to herself!

Pregnancy announcement for baby #2! at  fromwinetowhine.com

Pretty exciting stuff right?! Ok, maybe it’s not very exciting for you, but we are ecstatic (obviously) and I am glad I can finally share the news with all of you!

So if you notice that things are a little quiet over at From Wine to Whine, now you know why! Some days finding the energy to chase Jolie is about all I can muster! (and if you are ever feeling From Wine to Whine deprived hop on over to my fb page, and spark up some conversation.. I LOVE hearing for all of you!)

xo, Dee

2 thoughts on “a BIG announcement

  1. AHHHHHHH!!!! I am so excited for you. And even though you already know it, I felt the need to remind you. I love how the photo shoot turned out! So cute to see Jolie “training” with her teddies. 😀

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