a Baby Registry Guide for the 2nd time Mom

If you have a second child on the way, this post is for you! (And if not can you do me a favor… go have a glass of wine for me! And for those of you that are trying to have a second, and it just hasn’t happened yet just know that I too have been in your shoes. Hang in there, you are even less alone then you may realize..but more on that topic another day.) Today we are going virtually shopping!

A Baby Registry Guide for the Second Time Mom

At this point in your Mommyhood career you’ve already learned what you like and what you don’t. You can easily rattle off  which brand of soap made your kid break out, which diapers leaked, and what pacifiers never did it’s job.

You’ve also packed away tons (& tons) of baby things that you were hoping to get some use out of again. Well, luckily it’s almost time for you to dust off those goodies! You probably already have a Baby Swing, Glider, Car Seat, Pack and Play, Crib, Boppy, Breast Friend, tons of Baby Books, a Bottle Warmer, Play Mat, Swaddles, Receiving Blankets, Diaper Genie, Crib Mobile, and 4 more bins of goodies that somehow seemed to important to toss the first time around.

Second Time Moms already own all these goodies. see what else you need!

And while you are mentally running through that list of items (and wondering where you are going to put everything)  let’s talk about what you still need to buy.

A Baby Registry Guide for the Second Time Mom

– Depending on the layout of your house you may need a new baby monitor. Some of the fancier models just let you add-on a camera so that you don’t need to buy a full new machine. Unfortunately for me my fancy, sch-mancy monitor broke a long time ago so I will be gifting myself with a new one. I’m actually eyeing up this Summer Infant Split Screen Monitor. That way I can see both kids at the same time. (More for when Jo is playing or pouting in her room.. I hate when I enter and ruin it for no reason!)

– I would bet 99% of you will be needing a Double Stroller because let’s face it, that  baby has a long time before it’s walking and I’m pretty sure you don’t feel like carrying two kids in your arms after a long day at the zoo. As for strollers you have TONS of choices, and if your like me you have been eyeing up other strollers at the playground for the last three years. So you know they come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. So let’s just quickly review your options. You pretty much have the Sit N StandSide by Side, and the Tandem
stroller as options. I’ve linked 3 strollers that I’ve seen out and about and seem to get the job done! I personally splurged on my stroller about bought a City Select because I wanted it to grow with me. I’m not going to lie it was A LOT but I’m in love (& I found it used)… but I’ll write a full report on that soon.

– When you’re not in the mood for your stroller, you can always rely on a Baby Carrier! Because let’s face it, sometimes it’s just easier to chase after your toddler when you have both hands free. (They are also great for the food store… or so I hear.) There are a lot of great choices on the market today so pick which style you like best!  Two brands that I like are Moby and ERGObaby.

– Oh furniture…here we go again! Depending on the older sibling you may or may not need to get a new crib.  Jo is getting moved into her Big Girl room, so the baby will get her old one.

– Now for the fun stuff, if you know what you are having, and your kid is a different sex or in a different season you could start stocking up on clothing! (Actually right now would be the perfect time to stock up on summer clothes for your little one(s) for next year. Although I know that task seems way better on paper then it actually does when in the store.)

– And let’s not forget about the essentials Diapers, Bottles, & Pacifiers. Although these goodies aren’t very fun, you need them.. and a lot of it. So whether you pick it all up now, try couponing it, or put it off until the little one comes, either way you’ll eventually need it.. you know, just in case you forgot.

That’s it!! Not to bad right? Ok, I know I know, you are yelling at your computer because I forgot something. And you’re probably right. You know how I know that? I have Pregnancy Brain!!!  So how about you leave me a little note below and tell me what items you still need to pick up for your 2nd bundle of joy and I will add it to the list! (and then I will add it to my STILL To Buy List)

Oh, and one last thing to remember!! Now that you are on to Baby #2 your needs are less, and your gifts are less, so let’s cut out the crap and vow to only register for the things that will really make our hormonal hearts sing…K? Good!

xo, Dee


This post contains affiliate links. I was not compensated in any way to write this post, and as always all opinions are 100% my own. If you were to make a purchase through one of my links I would receive a small percentage of the sale. (I would also be super excited for you, so make sure you tell me if you buy something so I can oohh and ahhh over it with you!)

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