5 Ways to Stay Sane during the 1st year of Motherhood

Among my group of friends babies have become a hot topic, and since I already have a little bambino I’ve been deemed the “expert”  ( which is pretty frightening). So in anticipation to the baby boom (that I am hoping for) I decided to start compiling list(s) that I can direct them to when the time comes. Here are the top 5 things to keep you sane during that first year:

  1. Invest in a cellphone with internet! Let me tell you a secret. Nighttime feedings are boring, and you my dear will be tired, and instead of sitting there feeling sorry for yourself or trying to keep your eyes pried open (or worse falling asleep) you can count the minutes by cyber-stalking.Plus, I don’t know about you but I get my best ideas when laying in bed..and that nursery rocking chair sometimes feels like one. So between googeling Baby What If’s, Emailing your girlfriends cute pictures , or blogging about your motherhood journey.  A good cellphone is key, and it will become your little BFF. But make sure it is on silent (ALWAYS!) if that sucker wakes up your cute, sleeping baby.. you may throw it out the window. 
  2. Have a Mom Circle! I am not saying you need to run out and join a MOMS Club,after all they are not for everyone (although I do belong). I am talking about a Mom’s Forum, Facebook Group, or something where you can ask baby related questions to people who are going through the same thing. BUT keep in mind, as beneficial as these groups can be they can also cause some un-necessary panic moments.. so if you ask a question about a mysterious rash and someone self-diagnosis your child with some crazy disease don’t panic and believe the hypochondriac on the other side of the computer. Just call your doctor.
  3. Keep the maternity clothes in your drawer! We all think hope that once you have the baby you will miraculously be back in those  pre-baby jeans the day you walk out of the hospital… But unfortunately the cold hard truth is only a few freaks lucky women will be blessed to have this good fortune. By putting your comfy, maternity clothes away before you have a chance to even breathe just means you are going to be crying naked in the mirror (and really.. does that help anything?) I gained 60lbs when pregnant (60lbs!!!) and guess what, it came off. No, not the day after.. not even the first few months. But slowly it started shedding away, and more importantly tightening back up. So just do yourself a favor don’t rush it, if you put the clothes away BEFORE you give yourself a chance to get back to normal you are going to end up depressed… so SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE!
  4. Cut yourself a break! I thought I was so prepared for motherhood, I read the books, asked the right questions and had a plan that I wanted to follow. Well guess what?! You will change your mind! Whether it be from breastfeeding to pacifiers, don’t beat yourself up if you decide to steer off “path”. Motherhood changes things, and sometimes sleepless nights, or colicky babies weren’t factored into the plan. So just remember at the end of the day you need to do what works for YOU and YOUR  family. The less you beat on yourself the happier you will be.
  5. Once a day you need to stop and savor the moment! Having a kid is life altering, and mostly amazing.. but there are days (or sometimes moments every single day) that you are ready to crack…and guess what that’s normal! You are not a bad Mom for crying once in a while or being cranky to your husband (in moderation of course!). But the most important way to balance those “off” moments,  is to make a point ONCE A DAY to look at all you have and smile. Whether it be when your lo is sleeping soundly in your arms, or maybe giggling when playing with Dad. Make sure you STOP EVERYTHING and enjoy the moment. It’s important for you now.. and for your memories!

If you have a little one at home, please make sure to share some of your favorite tips by commenting below!! (our kid-less friends may eventually need them)

xo, Dee

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