5 Movie Night Snacks for Disney’s Descendents 2

Are you excited for Disney’s Descendents 2? We are!!

So much so that Jolie and I decided to get into a wicked mood with a little hair dye and some festive foods. And just in case you want to channel your evil side, I am linking up my favorite Descendents Pinterest finds for you to recreate just click on the image to head to the tutorial!

You can’t have a movie night without popcorn!


And I don’t know about you, but I would gladly get poisoned if it made a delicious poisonous apple arrive at my door.


Tonight you can wash your food down with the Evil Queen’s Punch.


But be careful with  Mal’s Love Spell Cookies 😉

mals love spell cookie

Finish the night off with a cold wicked (yet delicious) treat.


Oh, and don’t forget to pull out the costumes or make a Rotten To The Core shirt.


Now remember, the movie starts at 8PM EST. So don’t forget to set an alarm or your DVR. You don’t want to have a disappointed kid.

And if you decide to release your dark side with some evil fun, don’t forget to tag me at @fromwinetowhine on Facebook, IG or Twitter so that I can see what wicked fun you are having!

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