5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Are you headed to a baby shower? I have a 5 (different) gift ideas that the new mom will be sure to love!

i see me

Want a gift that will last through the years? Personalize an I see me book!!  It will arrive customized with the babies name, and it will have a note so the book will always remind them of you!

The girls have a few i see me for the girls but my favorite is My Very Own Name.  Jolie received hers as a gift when she was born, and at first it was my go to book because of the colors and the fact that I loved spelling her name (new mom problems), but as she reached toddler age it became her go to book because of all the animals, and now that she is 4 she loves the book because it allows her to show off her reading skills since it is made up of her name. It’s safe to say that this book has really carried us through the years. So of course I had to order one for Shelby, and it came with that cute lamb stuffed animal. Which is why I recommend this for a new baby!


Or if you want to help keep the baby safe while dressing up his/her nursery. You need to check out wonder bumpers!  They are a crib must have, yet a lot of moms don’t know about them! So what is a wonder bumper? A safe, padded crib bumper!! So it adds to the protection of the baby, crib, and adds some color to the room! I already posted about them once before.. check it out! 


If you are a seasoned Mom then I don’t need to explain why your friend needs an Oh Sh!t Emergency Kit. This easy, add on gift is practical and completely customize-able.


baby stickers


Does your friend frequently update her facebook or instagram page? Oh then she needs these first holiday baby stickers! They are inexpensive, and adorable!


see why and how you can wear baby during the summer!

If baby is going to be a second child, and they spend some time at the pool or beach get Mom a Water Carrier! I’m still using mine when we go to the pool and the baby is 18 months! It’s great because it keeps her safely on me while I keep a close eye on the bigger one.

What is your favorite Baby Gift?


Please note I did receive product to review for this post.

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