3 Scary Family Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite family holidays.  Everyone can take part, there’s no cooking involved, it’s all about having fun, and who doesn’t love candy?  This year Jolie wanted to be something scary for Halloween so I decided to put together a list of 3 Scary Family Halloween Costumes

halloween vampire

Jolie has been asking for the past 2 years to be a Vampire for Halloween. So her and Shelby sat down at the computer and picked out vampire costumes from Oriental Trading.  And since we are all about the family Halloween themes we even got the baby a bat costume, and the hubby and I will be vampire parents.

vampire 3

Don’t they look cute? Uhh… I mean SCARY! If your little one wants to dress scary for Halloween this year I’ve compiled 3 Family Friendly Costume Theme Ideas for you. Want to know the best part? It won’t leave the kids with nightmares!

3 Scary Family Halloween Costumes


Just hand over the candy, and this family of vampires won’t suck your blood! These costumes could be for vampire dad, vampire mom, vampire big sister, vampire little sister, and baby bat. My own vampire family is in the picture above.

vampire group (1)

Add a werewolf, mummy or Frankenstein to the mix, and you’ll have the cast of Hotel Transylvania.

HT (1)


When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who are you going to call? These Ghostbusters’ phones are going to be ringing off the hook this Halloween, with so many variations of this group costume to choose from. Kids can be ghosts, mom and dad can be Ghostbusters, and vice versa. There’s a Slimer costume for both kids and adults. You can even get the family dog involved!



Hocus Pocus

Nothing is more terrifying than three witch sisters bringing terror to your town – just look at me and one of my girls from last year!  


You’ll have to come up with your own spells though, because those are not included. Below you’ll find the Moonlight Magic Witch costume, the Fairytale Witch costume, the Goth Maiden Witch, and the Red Queen’s wig, a dead-ringer for Winnie’s hair.




So tell me, what do your kids want to be this Halloween?

Please note, that I received product to perform this review. But as always I only partner with companies that I truly love. 


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