15 (AWESOME) kid things to do in 2014

I know everyone is busy making lists of things that they want to do and change for the new year but I thought it would be fun to compile a list of Awesome Kid Things To Do in 2014! (well that is if you didn’t already do them in 2013!) They range from fun, sweet, crafty and smart, just click on the picture to hop over to the blog that came up with the (wonderful) idea!

15 AWESOME kid things to do in 2014! http://fromwinetowhine.com

alphabet activities with bubble wrap
Learning + Bubble Wrap…. I’m in!
Salt Painting is like normal painting, but on steroids.
The women wrote this letters for her husband, but I think older kids could really appreciate the message.. even little ones need a quiet moment to be reminded sometimes.
Invitation to build with cardboard and tape
I love the message of this post.. provide them some tools, and let them create!
Marble Shoots!
Photo: "We hunt and find food plentiful."
Dinovember (need I say more?)
Pepper Paint pouring art
Paint Pouring… Easy, Silly Fun!
Memory jar-cool things to do with kids
Remember the good times!
This one is self explained 🙂
Paint with your feet!
Paint with your feet!
Make a snow storm in a jar- FUN Winter Science for Kids
Science class in the kitchen.. love it!
sensory writing activities
Shaving Cream, Colors, and the freedom to create. This would be great on a rainy day!
MYO Dino Tails!
MYO Dino Tails!!
Toddler Olympic Games
Toddler friendly obstacle courses! what a fun way to teach them how to follow directions! (well.. attempt to follow directions)
Water Play Sink or Float Experiment - grab some toys!
Water Play Sink or Float Experiment – grab some toys!

They look fun right? What do you say.. I’ll hold you to do fun things in 2014, if you promise to hold me to it!

xo, Dee

(And a big, fat THANK YOU to the mommy-bloggers that came up with the great ideas!! I can’t wait to get started with Jo! Remember if you want to see how you can re create the image just click on the picture!)

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