10 tips for getting your kid to take a bath & a GIVEAWAY

Bath time is hit or miss in my house. One week the 3 year old LOVES it, and then the next week I need to pull out all the tricks to get her in the tub. So when Save-A-Lot sent me a few Suave and Dove bath products I was ecstatic! Because nothing gets my kid motivated like a gift..especially a good smelling one!!

10 tips for getting your kid to take a bath

Does your kid pitch a fit at bath time?

Don’t worry, it’s totally normal! But to help ease the transition back into the tub I compiled a list of  tips!

bathtime tips with suave kids

You should try:
  • Blowing bubbles in the bathroom! Yup you read that right, run out to the garage grab your outside bubbles and bring them into the bathroom. You may need to wipe the floor down when your done but at least your kid will be clean!
  • Turn the shower head on and let them see bath time from a different angle.
  • Add some unexpected fun.. glow sticks, bowls & funnels, spray bottle..you get the picture
  • BUBBLES.. lots and lots of bubbles the sudsier the better!
  • Let them pick out a new bath toy
  • New fun, smelling body & hair wash
  • Bath paint! For added fun grab the shaving cream and food coloring and have them help you make it
  • Give them a bit of independence and let them wash themselves
  • Let them wash a toy – We bought a doll with long hair so once I am finished washing her hair she washes her dolls hair with the shampoo & conditioner
  • When all else fails bribery … because remember it’s just a phase

Good luck and don’t panic..just keep the bubbles pouring and you should be fine! And if that doesn’t work toss them in the tub, and quickly squirt some Surfs Up 2 in 1 from Suave Kids in that dirty hair.. you may get a bit wet but at least they will smell good!

Now… how about something to make you smile!

win a save a lot giftcard

Do you have a Save-A-Lot by you? I stopped by the one in Lindenwold the other day and I was really impressed by the produce display it was was extensive and fresh, PLUS the brand named products like Dove and Suave were priced* really competitive to other retailers.

photo (23)

So in order to put a smile back on your face how about entering to win a free $25 to spend at Save-A-Lot. All you need to do it enter the giveaway below!!! Good Luck!

*Please keep in mind that prices vary per store.

Please note that I received product and/or compensation to write this post. However as always all opinions are 100% my own.

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19 thoughts on “10 tips for getting your kid to take a bath & a GIVEAWAY

  1. We’ve been lucky to have always had good luck at bath time. My twins are 4 and bath time has always been a bit of a party, but a fun party!

  2. Love the bubbles idea… we’ve done that and it works like a charm. We also read during bath time… takes the crazy out of it and transforms into a soothing time. It’s a great way to get story time in with squirmy, hard to sit still children. Great tips.

  3. My favorite thing to pick up when shopping is ice cream yummy.

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