10 things to expect towards the end of pregnancy

Let’s be serious.. pregnancy is not a man’s game. It’s 40 weeks of loop-ity-loops that literally leave you bent over the toilet. It’s like a perfect blend of extreme bliss & pure crankiness. And although each week brings a different feeling, for different women, I think we can all agree that the very end is the worst. So if you are nearing the end of your pregnancy kick back and read these 10 end of pregnancy symptoms with a chuckle and feel a bit less alone! And if you are just jumping on the pregnancy wagon, Congratulations!! Try to take the good days when they are good, because the bad days are bad and just when you think it can’t get worse it kinda does.

10 things to expect towards the end of pregnancy

1. Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go RIGHT NOW!

If any of the following thoughts cross your mind you will need to anxiously find a bathroom:  peeing, water, lack of having a toilet, traffic, playground, coffee/iced tea, running, long walks, lines….you get the picture?

2. Aches & pains

Remember the song “my neck, my back..”? Well that little catchy tune has a totally different meaning! Things ache..especially your back, and your legs, oh and lets not forget your feet and I’ve even heard that people get carpel tunnel towards the end…so pretty much everywhere.

3. Peeing when you sneeze

Fingers crossed you don’t get a cold!

4. Nipple leakage

Congratulations your milk came in! Now go get some bra pads so you don’t get a wet spot at the food store.

5. Nesting

If you’re lucky you’ll have the urge to clean.. Take advantage of it because soon you won’t want to do anything.

6. Feeling exhausted

Girllll..what are you waiting for? Go get some sleep! Whether it’s nap time or 7:00 if you’re tired lay down, because this two will be ending soon!

7. Heartburn

Oh that achy, achy heart! As much as I’d love to tell you to pop some mylanta, or lay off the spices we all know none of that really truly helps. Just pretend like you took a shot of tequila and it’s that “good old burn” that you feel.

8. Charlie Horse

You can try stretching, upping your potassium, and adding a few more bottles of water into your daily routine. But most likely it’s just your bodies way of sleep training you for the weeks ahead. So try your best to fight threw it.. and pick up some under eye concealer while you are out at the store. It’ll at least make you look refreshed.

9. Swelling

As if you weren’t feeling big enough, now you can actually feel your feet and fingers blowing up.  Go stash your rings in your jewelry drawer while you can still slip them off, and keep your flip flops out even if the seasons over. After all, who wants to feel like  a stuffed sausage.

10. Braxton Hicks/ Fake Contractions 

Fake contractions.. what a joke! I mean seriously what man decided to name them that?! I’m not sure what annoys me more the name that makes me feel like a cry baby or the fact that these things hurt!! I mean it’s not bad enough we’ve been dealing with the subtle annoyance for about 20 weeks, but now they have the guts to intensify?! In the words of Michelle Tanner.. How Rude!

We poke fun, we complain, and we may even shed a tear or two during the trying moments. But in all seriousness at the end of that 40 week journey you are greeted with the smallest, slimiest, cutest, little squishy baby and it makes it all worth it! So much so some of us decide to do it again, and again, and again! So if your days are painful, just hang in there soon you’ll forget all about it!

xo, Dee

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